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MASH Matters

Jun 30, 2019

Which M*A*S*H podcast features a Barry Manilow lookalike, horse gender identity, Jake Gyllenhaal’s soft G, Bamboo vs Wicker, Colonel Harry Potter, and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer? Only MASH Matters! This power-packed episode has it all! For show notes, episodes, bios, and more visit

Jun 15, 2019

Will M*A*S*H ever get the Jimmy Kimmel revival treatment? If so, who would play these iconic roles? That's just one of the many subjects Jeff & Ryan tackle in this episode of MASH Matters. Other topics include Ryan’s favorite M*A*S*H character, the time Jeff played Hawkeye(!), and what Igor REALLY did when he came...

Jun 1, 2019

It’s like a real-life MASH unit as Jeff & Ryan attempt to answer a new batch of listener questions… in between Ryan’s coughing fits. We discuss the most recent round of series finales, Klinger’s middle name, Jeff’s real-life cooking skills, and potential sign-off suggestions. This episode was brought to you...