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MASH Matters

Jan 15, 2020

And now, the epic conclusion of Jeff & Ryan’s interview with Loretta Swit! In this episode, Ms. Swit discusses her acting style, the evolution of Margaret Houlihan, working with Larry Linville, her thoughts on Maclean Stevenson & Wayne Rogers leaving M*A*S*H, and what she really thinks of that Alda guy. For show...

Jan 1, 2020

Loretta Swit joins Jeff & Ryan on a very special episode of MASH Matters! The Marvelous Ms. Swit shares stories about the early days of M*A*S*H, her career path that led to the 4077th, the woman who most influenced the character of Margaret Houlihan, her passion for animals, and much more. 
This is Part One of a...