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MASH Matters

Feb 15, 2021

Jeff & Ryan are proud to bring you a MASH Matters EXCLUSIVE: Unedited audio of a real M*A*S*H table read! This recording of the episode "Bottle Fatigue" was recorded by David Odgen Stiers for Michael Hirsh (creator of MAKING MASH and MEMORIES OF MASH). Michael graciously offered this recording to us so that we can share it with you. PLUS - we are joined by Dan Wilcox who wrote "Bottle Fatigue" with writing partner, Thad Mumford. Dan talks about the writing of this episode and shares some behind-the-scenes stories that you won't hear anywhere else. This very special episode of MASH Matters is dedicated to the memory of David Ogden Stiers. For show notes, episodes, recipes, bios, and more visit